Asbestos in academies - figures released


Figures released by the Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC), reveal that more than 1,800 academies in the United Kingdom contain asbestos and that there have been 54 reported incidents of asbestos exposure. The numbers have been published following Freedom of Information requests to over 1,200 Multi Academy Trusts, with 442 MATs responding.

It is a legal requirement for MATs to have asbestos management plans in place, but the investigation by JUAC discovered that many MATs did not have a plan, whilst others were not regularly auditing their asbestos management. JUAC's report states “There was no uniformity across the trusts with regards to asbestos management. Some trusts provided examples of good practice, but many did not. It was clear that there are no standardised procedures followed when schools transfer to academy trusts. This highlights a serious problem with the increasing fragmentation of the education system.”

These findings coincide with a recent Public Accounts Committee report which also noted the lack of information about the extent of asbestos in schools.

To assist your school or academy with asbestos management planning, find out more about Strictly Education's Property Support service.

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