An introduction from Joanne Fisher, your Head of Facilities Staffing

An introduction from Joanne Fisher, your Head of Facilities Staffing

Some schools will remember me from my field officer days but for many of you my name will draw a blank expression so I’m going to give you a little bit of information about my background.

I joined Facilities Staffing back in 2001 as a field officer where my main role was supporting schools in all aspects of the post mainly relating to staffing issues, recruitment, cleaning management and direct head teacher and school business manager support.

There have been so many changes in the education system since then and, as a field officer, I learned to assist the schools through some difficult transitional times as well as share some of their triumphs too. Little has changed and despite having a new job title my aim and ambition is exactly the same – to help schools through tough times and attempt to work through any difficulty to achieve the best for them.

The broken boilers, ringworm outbreaks, problem cleaners, looming OFSTED inspections are all things that run hand in hand with my job then and now and all of us in Strictly Education Facilities Staffing are ready and prepared to get you through anything!

The shift in position has also meant some operational changes within Facilities Staffing too. We now have David Sarkodie who is the Facilities Staffing operational manager. David’s experience in schools spans two decades and he has been a field officer since 2008. 

Eddy Guyatt is a new member to our field officer team and his keenness, problem solving and willingness to do the best for his schools fits in perfectly with the Facilities Staffing ethos.

Your problem is our problem and I am certain that you will continue to feel supported by our team.

We all wish you well as the new school year starts and look forward to serving you.

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