Education & Technology Consultancy Autumn Update


Education & Technology Consultancy Autumn Update
  • Subject Leaders Network Meeting (free)
  • Getting to grips with Computing - 3 twilights for Y5 and Y6 teachers
  • Breakfast Briefing Session for Head Teachers and Senior Leaders: 7th and 9th October
  • E-Safety
  • E-Safety Blitz Days and Safeguarding Reviews
  • CAS NAACE Computing Guidance
  • LGfL Literacy Project Launch 10th October
  • Scheme of work KS1, KS2 and KS3
  • Assessing Computing

Subject Leaders Network Meeting (free)

The subject leaders network will provide an opportunity for colleagues to meet, share and discuss the first weeks of the statutory computing rollout, plus develop new strategies to embed the use of technology in the classroom. Led by consultants, these sessions are a mix of practical activities, open sharing, presentations and discussion.

  • 15th October: Waltham Forest Office
  • 16th October: Croydon Office

Morning will be practical hands on, the afternoon looking at assessment and a range of updates.

Getting to grips with Computing - 3 twilights for Y5 and Y6 teachers

As we roll out the statutory computing curriculum, there may be many staff in your school that are not confident or unprepared for the new skillset and software that a code rich programme of study will require. These sessions, specifically designed for non-specialist teachers provide skills, hint, tips and support to deliver the new curriculum across a wide range of engaging and interesting ways.

Full details and booking at:

Breakfast Briefing Session for Head Teachers and Senior Leaders: 7th and 9th October

  • 7th October: Waltham Forest Office
  • 9th October: Croydon Office

Details for this will be sent shortly but will focus on impact on schools of removing levels and descriptors as we reach a point in time where the old level descriptors have been withdrawn and new ways of assessing must be developed. Led by consultants, these sessions will look at all aspects of data in your schools including the safe use and sharing of data, tools and training and support for assessment of the curriculum.


CEOP Thinkuknow training is accredited training provided by ourselves on behalf of CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency) as part of our commitment to leading on e-safety. These sessions look at a wide range of online issues, particularly focusing on the behaviours challenges and issues faced by our young people when online. This session is ideal for child protection or technology leads who wish to have more detailed e-safety knowledge as part of their role.

  • 20th October 2014.

These are free to attend but must be booked via the CEOP website

E-Safety Blitz Days and Safeguarding Reviews

We are taking bookings now for our in-school days covering all aspects of e-safety for your community. These sessions are designed to provide high quality and relevant workshops for pupils from y2-y13 focussing on the particular issues that our young people face. These sessions can be workshop delivered or assembly format depending on your needs. As part of the Blitz day, we also offer workshops for parents and accredited training for staff that meets the recommendation of DfE and OFSTED for accredited e-safety training for all staff.

We can also offer a detailed review of your e-safety and general safeguarding policy, procedure and practice. Based on nationally recognised and agreed criteria, our specialists will provide a policy review, onsite interviews and evidence gathering and provide your school with a detailed and informative review report, detailing areas of strength and weakness as well as areas for development. Schools using these as tools for pre-OFSTED have found them highly useful and important in their reviews.

CAS NAACE Computing Guidance

If you missed the publication of this advice before the summer break, a companion to the Primary guidance already published, you can access it here: secondaryguide

This guidance and the Primary equivalent curriculum/primaryguide put context and detail onto the new computing programme of study. Written for a whole school audience, it is easy to read, useful and jargon free.

LGfL Literacy Project Launch 10th October

Schools in London have access to a huge range of resources through the London Grid for Learning, including the full J2E blogging toolkit available for infant, junior and senior schools. The use of the blogging tools have proven to increase engagement of boys in reading and writing, but impact writing for a purpose with all users.

Primary schools may be interested in participating in this project to make good use of the LGfL/J2E resources to raise standards of literacy through a partnership system called “Quad Blogging”. We can work with you to support this and see improvements in literacy through the tools. Article.aspx?id=635

Scheme of work KS1, KS2 and KS3

If you are needing to refine or develop your planning for the new Computing curriculum, we developed a full suite of lesson plans and term plans for Key Stages 1-3 and support for the implementation of KS4 Computing. These schemes of work are available to use “out of the box” or can be tailored for your school and facilities. We can also support you in embedding this (or another) scheme of work with all your staff, through collaborative planning, team teaching, peer observations and demonstration lessons.

Assessing Computing

If you take any curriculum support or planning activities, we are also able to offer you a detailed APP styled assessment toolkit for computing, that will provide accurate and on-going progression and development mapping and tracking.

With the loss of the ICT curriculum and the associated level descriptors, this toolkit is invaluable in providing your staff a set of guidelines to accurately and efficiently assess progress across the school.


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