Independent Disciplinary & Grievance Investigation Service

Independent Disciplinary & Grievance Investigation Service

If you are looking to save senior leadership time and reduce the risk of internal conflict, our Independent Disciplinary and Grievance Investigation Service can help you.

Disagreements in the workplace are distracting for everyone and upsetting for some, impacting efficiency and productivity. If left unchecked, circumstances can further deteriorate, with knock-on effects to larger numbers of staff.

Our investigators are very experienced in interviewing, mediation and evidence gathering and will meet with all involved parties to listen to their testimonies and establish the facts.

They will then gather the evidence and present their findings in a clearly digestible report with which you can decide the best course of action.

As stated by Bronwyn Hedley, Headteacher, The Kingswinford School:

"The Investigation Team was absolutely superb, efficient and reliable. The report was detailed, well presented and helpful to all involved. I would recommend the service without reservation - super value for money."

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