Strictly Education’s Health & Safety Review Service

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, together with a host of subordinate legislation and regulations, set out the responsibilities of organisations to undertake risk assessments of their premises and the activities conducted therein. It also stipulates the need to periodically review the adequacy of health and safety arrangements. 

Strictly Education’s Property Support service offers a comprehensive health and safety review designed to assist schools, academies and colleges in fulfil their legal obligations culminating in a detailed report containing recommendations for future action and improvement.

Areas covered

Strictly Education will provide an experienced property support manager who will spend time on site to undertake a thorough review of existing health and safety documentation, policies and procedures.

  • The review will focus on the following key areas:
  • Review of the school, academy or colleges existing health and safety documentation.
  • Completion of a health and safety status checklist.
  • ‘Walkover’ inspection of the teaching and working environment.
  • Production of a written report.
  • Recommendations for inclusion in an action plan.
  • Post-review support and guidance.

Written Report

Upon completion of the review Strictly Education Property Support will produce a written report identifying all the findings and key observations. The report will also contain recommendations on areas where improvements may be made. These recommendations will be presented within the main body of the review checklist and may be used to develop an ‘action plan’ for future implementation.

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