Time off to attend Antenatal Visits

Time off to attend Antenatal Visits

New legislation came into force from 1st October 2014 which gives the father, the partner of the expectant mother and surrogate parents, the right for time off for antenatal appointments.

All employees will have a right to this leave regardless of length of service as long as they are either:-

  • the pregnant woman's spouse or civil partner.
  • living with the pregnant woman in an enduring family relationship but not a relative (i.e. not a parent, grandparent, sibling or uncle/aunt).
  • the father of the expected child;
  • the intended parent of a child in a surrogacy arrangement, if they expect to be entitled to and intend to apply for a parental order in respect of that child.

Agency workers who are not employees of the agency will also have the right to time off, provided they satisfy certain criteria i.e. they must have been doing the same kind of job for the same hirer for at least 12 weeks.

The right is to attend up to two appointments of up to 6.5 hours (but you can grant more if you choose to do so) and the time is unpaid.  From next April they will also be giving the right to adoptive parents to attend pre adoption meetings.


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