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Numerous statutory and health and safety requirements demanded a property partner that offered direction.

The Challenge

As educationalists we do not have specialist expertise of the technicalities of property management such as maintenance, capital works management, fire safety, legionella's and the other important premises issues affecting the safety of our children.

Given the numerous statutory and health and safety hoops that need to be be jumped through, we needed a property partner that could offer direction - in both the provision of strategic capital works guidance for our governing body and the management of day-to-day maintenance issues.

The Solution

We wanted a property management company who we could call on for big capital projects, as well as manage all of our reactive maintenance issues. Above all we were looking for a partner that we could rely on and trust to take away the associated worries and burdens of making sure our premises were safe, efficient and in good repair.

After a formal tender process we chose Strictly Education because they offered a dedicated helpdesk team in combination with a property advisor, who would work closely with our school, make termly site inspections and provide a detailed report with budgeted recommendations for our governing body.

The Result

We have been delighted with our Strictly Education property advisor and the helpdesk team. In the four years since Strictly Education took on the responsibility for our buildings and premises management we have built up an excellent relationship based on honesty and trust.

We value and appreciate the advice our property consultant offers and feel he knows our school well. The reports provided are detailed, present a clear picture of the maintenance activity and capital projects we are working on, are useful to share with my colleague governers, and help the School Business Manager and I know we are on top of things!