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Strictly Education Compliments & Complaints Process

Compliments and Complaints

As an organisation, we are committed to providing a high-quality service to our clients by exceeding their expectations.

Our Mission
To be the trusted partner in education support services, enabling you to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.

Your Feedback
To continually provide the best levels of service, we have guidelines to ensure excellence in our delivery. We deliver a wide range of services to schools, academies and MATs and aim to deliver and develop new services to meet our clients’. Improving client care and setting clear standards is a key part of our vision.

We always welcome your feedback and ideas about our complete range of services and the teams that provide them. To send us a compliment you can complete our online compliments form.

Client Formal Complaints Policy

We are committed to providing a high-quality service and endeavour to carry out our work on behalf of all clients in a prompt, efficient and professional manner. If you have any queries or concerns, we encourage you to raise these as soon as possible with the team member responsible for your service delivery in the first instance.

If a situation arises whereby your point of contact for the service may be unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we would encourage you to use our formal complaints procedure.

What do we regard as a complaint?

  • Where a client believes we have done something wrong
  • Where a client believes we have failed to do something we should have done
  • Where a client believes we have acted too slowly to resolve a matter
  • Where a client believes we have not adhered to our policies

We will deal with a complaint in a way that:

  • Encourages informal conciliation
  • Is fair and efficient
  • Treats the complaint with proper seriousness, respect, and confidentiality
  • Facilitates early resolution

How we deal with complaints
Our policy and flow chart are intended provide guidance in situations where clients feel that the service, they have received is unsatisfactory. Resolving small problems or areas of concern as they arise will often prevent escalation of the problem, which could prove difficult to resolve later. Clients are encouraged to raise any issues of dissatisfaction at an early stage so that they can be dealt with effectively.

How to make a complaint
If you would like to make a formal complaint, please complete this online complaints form.

To help us to understand your complaint, please tell us:

  • Client name and your client reference (noted on all correspondence)
  • Client reference
  • Trust or school name if different to above
  • Your full name and contact details
  • What you think we have done wrong
  • What you hope the resolution to your compliant will be
  • Please let us know if you have brought this matter to our attention already and you are now escalating the complaint

We will send an acknowledgment within 24 working hours of receipt of your complaint, enclosing a copy of our complaints procedure

We will investigate your complaint, which will usually involve:

  1. reviewing your complaint
  2. reviewing your file(s) and other relevant documents
  3. speaking to the person responsible for the relevant aspect of service delivery

What else do you need to know?
We may need to ask you for further information or documents. If so, we will ask you to provide the information within a specific period of time, this will be determined by the nature of your complaint and the type of additional information we may ask you to provide. We may also, if appropriate, invite you to a meeting or arrange a telephone call to discuss your complaint.

Within 7 days of receipt of your complaint, the Head of Service will advise you in writing or arrange a meeting to discuss the outcome of our investigation, informing you of what we have done or what we propose to do to resolve your complaint.

If the Head of Service is unable to give a substantive response within this timescale, they will contact you to explain the reason why and set out the timescale within which you should expect a substantive response.

Should you not be satisfied with outcome of our investigation, your complaint will be escalated to Strictly Education’s Executive Leadership team who will make contact with you and attempt to resolve the complaint.

Download a copy of the complaints procedure - with flowchart