LGPS Employee Banding Letter Service

Reduce your administrative load.

Under the new 2014 CARE scheme, all LGPS staff members need to be notified of their pension banding every year.

To assist our clients, we have set up a new service to reduce this administrative burden and enable you to focus on running your school.

At the end of April, we will collate the information relevant to LGPS staff members and prepare templated letters to each member of staff informing them of their banding and contribution percentage rate.

We also ensure that all bandings are also shown on the employees payslips, which informs individuals of changes during the year, if monthly re-banding is utilized.

Please request a quote or get in touch for further information on 0330 123 2549

Service Features

System Expertise

  • Online portal, hierarchical viewing
  • Multiple academy access
  • Customised cost centre config.
  • Custom & variation reporting
  • Multiple LA and pension rules
  • Absence data capture & reporting

Payroll Expertise

  • TTO payments, pay grades & rules
  • Sick and maternity schedules
  • Monthly draft-runs & analysis
  • Changes 6 days before pay run
  • Third-party payments & schedules
  • HMRC & PAYE year end reporting

Pension Expertise

  • Knowledge of LA requirements
  • All month and year end reporting
  • Direct data submission of LGPS
  • TP data upload reporting
  • Starter, leaver & change forms
  • Auto enrolment assessment

Account Expertise

  • Education sector specialists
  • Dedicated, tailored service 
  • Individual welcome packs
  • Agreed matrix of responsibilities
  • Monthly KPI’s & reporting
  • On site and remote training

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