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Meet the people at Strictly Education who work on making your school more efficient.

Meet the team

Barry Smith

Head of Business Development

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Meet Barry, a successful business development leader in education with expertise in assessment, learning, and school operations. He skilfully blends operational and business development knowledge to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Barry is committed to helping clients achieve efficiency savings without compromising quality.

He is a governor at a local primary school and also coaches a local under 8s football team, showing his commitment to young people and community.

Barry Smith

Terry Hoare

Director of Operations

Michelle Tahesh

Head of Payroll and Pension Services

Caroline Cusselle

Head of Education HR Services

Steve Barker

Head of Governance and Clerking Services

Tim Hart

Head of Technology and Business Solutions

Steve Cook

Head of Internal Finance

Barry Smith

Head of Business Development

Richard Southgate

Head of Payroll Implementation