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Meet the people at Strictly Education who work on making your school more efficient.

Meet the team

Tim Hart

Head of Technology and Business Solutions

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Meet Tim, the tech expert who is responsible for delivering the IT roadmap for Strictly Education. He is the brains behind finding innovative digital solutions to improve efficiencies in academy trusts and schools through automation and business system integrations.

Tim’s focus on continuous improvement and stakeholder management has allowed him to build strong relationships with clients. His passion for digital transformation ensures that Strictly Education stays ahead of the curve.

Tim Hart

Terry Hoare

Director of Operations

Michelle Tahesh

Head of Payroll and Pension Services

Caroline Cusselle

Head of Education HR Services

Steve Barker

Head of Governance and Clerking Services

Tim Hart

Head of Technology and Business Solutions

Steve Cook

Head of Internal Finance

Barry Smith

Head of Business Development

Richard Southgate

Head of Payroll Implementation