One More Life Chance Book

New book investigates successful support for vulnerable young people.


Strictly Education's mission is to be the trusted partner in education support services, enabling schools, academies and MATs achieve the best outcomes for children and young people. With this committment, we are delighted to support the launch of One More Life Chance by Mark Escott.

This important and inspiring book is a must-read for anyone who works with young people. The present education provision struggles to meet the needs of the most vulnerable young people: those with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). One More Life Chance provides practitioners in schools and other settings with the information they need to understand the difficulties faced by traumatised children and equips them with the tools to help these children build resilience and manage the impact of their ACEs. While aimed at practitioners and educators, the insights are useful for parents and carers too.


‘Why do children with difficult lives behave angrily? This book explains why and advocates an innovative curriculum, along with trauma-informed practice.’
Alison Shorer – Founder and Director of Articulacy

‘Mark is the living proof that you can turn it around: an inspirational journey of transcending turmoil, which provides a clear map for moving from suffering to shining.’
Dr Helen Bellfield – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

About the Author

Mark Escott is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Life Chance Education, a therapeutic education provider that specialises in working with young people and families who have experienced trauma. A self-described 'poacher-turned-gamekeeper', Mark's own troubled childhood has given him a unique understanding of the world he now works in.

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