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Why Every School Governing Board Clerk Needs a Governance Professional

26th January 2024


Why Every School Governing Board Clerk Needs a Governance Professional

The Key Role of a Professional Clerk

Effective governance in maintained schools and academies ensures pupils achieve well and learn in a safe environment. But there's a crucial player in the background that often doesn't get enough credit – the clerk to the school governing board. We explore why having a clerk/governance professional is so important and why it's essential that they are well-trained and supported.

The Silent Architect of School Governance: A Well-Informed, Trained Clerk

The clerk to the governing board is the unsung hero working behind the scenes, making sure the board runs like efficiently and effectively. They bring strong capability in administrative tasks, paperwork, and procedures. They maintain the school's governance records, ensuring that the board's decisions are well-documented and adhere to legislation.


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Continuous Training: The Key to Success

In the ever-changing world of education, it's crucial for clerks/governance professionals to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Ongoing training for clerks is the foundation for success, ensuring they are aware of about changes in statute and regulations, governance guidelines, and the latest news and developments in the education sector that impact on governance.

Continuous learning doesn't just sharpen the clerk's skills; it also makes the whole governing board more effective. A well-trained clerk/governance professional can offer timely and informed advice and guidance, supporting the board address complex issues confidently.  


 Supportive Network: Growing Together

No professional works alone, and that's true for clerks/governance professionals too. Having a strong support network is crucial for clerks to do their best work. Networks often include mentorship programmes, regular collaboration with peers, and connections to professional groups focused on school governance.

A supportive community gives clerks a space to share their experiences, ask for advice, and learn from others' successes and challenges. This shared knowledge improves the overall quality of school governance and creates a culture of continuous improvement A well-connected clerk is better able to handle the unique challenges their governing board faces, ultimately helping the school succeed.

Investing in Excellence

Having a professional, well- trained clerk for the school governing board brings many benefits. From efficient administration to offering essential expertise, governance professionals play a vital role in ensuring schools’ success. Schools invest in excellence when they recognise the value of professional clerking and the impact it has on supporting effective governance.


How Strictly Education Can Support Your Clerk/Governance Professional

For schools that need a clerk to support the board, our Clerking Service can provide quality-assured support from a fully trained and vetted clerk. Not only will your Strictly Education clerk/governance professional deliver excellent administration through setting agendas and distributing high quality minutes, the service is flexible and offers bespoke services to cover additional meetings and panel hearings. All work is supported by our Governance Helpdesk for additional advice and guidance. The clerking service is also available virtually, allowing for temporary cover when you need it.

For schools that already have a clerk in place for the governing board, Strictly Education provides a comprehensive and constantly updated training and development programme that equips clerks with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to provide ongoing and effective support to your board. The package is updated termly to ensure the latest practices and legislation are covered on a timely basis.

Clerking Services


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