Upperwood Academy

We were one of the first schools in Barnsley to go fully cheque book and went to an outside provider for our finance support.  We went with Strictly Education and have stayed with them right through our conversion to an academy, that in itself tells you that we are more than happy with the service and support we receive. I have been involved from the start as the Office Administrator and am now the academy’s bursar.

I work with Strictly Education on a monthly basis as it takes away the stress and hassle knowing that someone else is casting a critical eye over our finances. Working closely with them gives me the confidence to know that I’m getting it right. I also use the salary reconciliation package, which in my opinion is second to none. The multi year budget planner is critical for our future planning and is quite easy to use.  All the staff are very friendly and helpful and have a lot of experience which I can draw on as and when I need it.