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When compiling a list of the skills a successful business leadership professional demonstrates in today’s education system, you'll include financial expertise, resilience, negotiating powers, entrepreneurial flair team leadership, and the ability to keep staff motivated.

But at the top of this list, you must have 'agility'.

Rapid sector change, the growth of collaboration, developing MATs and federations, coupled with a range of financial and resourcing challenges not seen for decades, all require the ability to adapt, use fresh approaches, and transform our working practices on a regular basis.

This 'agility' sets an example for staff and leadership colleagues to work together to ensure our organisations are robust, sustainable and ready to face the future, whatever challenges may be around the corner. Having this dynamic approach is vital to our shared goal of ensuring that children and young people in the system today get the best possible educational experiences.

Our 2018 conference for all education business leaders will examine how we can prepare for, and be a part of the next generation of business leadership - how we can assume control over the destiny of this profession using a mix of existing skills, developing new competencies and using agility to our advantage to ensure we remain fit for purpose.

Empowering Agile Leadership provides a unique opportunity to look to the future, anticipate, and take control of a career pathway that will navigate challenges successfully. There will be networking opportunities to discuss and share ideas and best practice with other like-minded colleagues and consider different perspectives. It’s a rare chance to just stop, reflect and speculate about the future and then determine a course of action to help develop personal 'agility' to support a different kind of professional development.

Roles are evolving as the landscape continues to change; this presents not just challenge but exciting opportunities to be a part of scoping the future of this pivotal leadership role.

Make sure that you book your place to join us on 17 May 2018

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