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Pensions LGPS Banding Letter Service

Our Pensions Letter Banding Service includes the creation of the required letter for each relevant member of staff in the LGPS scheme, broken down by each employee contract.

  • Statutory compliance is achieved for LGPS administration
  • PDF format letters for employers to tailor or brand
  • Access via the payroll portal for indefinite reference
  • Re-prints at any time

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Payroll Bureau Service

An outsourced payroll bureau service that takes the pressure off schools whilst saving time, improving accuracy and increasing efficiencies. The service provides expert compliance, access to technology, and data security.

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Pensions TPS & LGPS Administration Service

Accurate and efficient pensions administration supported by qualified experts proficient in pensions administration, compliance and regulation to ensure your school is fully compliant.

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Employee/Manager Self Service

Increase efficiency whilst reducing workload for HR and admin staff by giving your employees more control over updating their personal data, allowing you to focus your time on strategic management.

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Absence Management

Insight-builder automates and streamlines absence management processes whilst reducing workload and increasing efficiency. Easily identify and monitor trends to inform strategic decision-making.

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Contract of Employment Administration

Improve compliance, efficiency and record-keeping by generating contracts and attaching them to individual staff records. Employee experience is improved whilst reducing workload on HR and administrative staff.

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Case Management

Improve communication between employees, managers, and HR staff by providing a centralised system for tracking and managing cases and facilitating communication between relevant parties.

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Single Central Record

Capture all the information required to produce your single central record and ensure that employee records are accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible for both HR staff and relevant authorities.

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Pre Employment Checks & Record

Simplify your record-keeping process, minimise risk, and increase compliance, efficiency, security, and hiring quality by effortlessly recording and uploading pre-employment check documents.

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Equality Data Management & Reporting

A centralised system for managing and reporting on equality data. Save precious time by automatically compiling reports and ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

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Recruitment & Onboarding

Streamline applicant processing and ensure a positive candidate experience with a module that enables you to increase the quality of hires, reduce time-to-hire, improve onboarding, and enable data-driven recruitment decisions.

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Performance Management

Fully configurable performance management enabling clear goal and objective setting. Improve performance and develop talent through increased accountability, improved communication, and data-driven decision-making.

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Learning & Development

Easily set and manage objectives linked to your employees’ personal learning accounts, enabling you to improve skills, develop talent and boost employee engagement and retention.

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Pensions LGPS Banding Letter Service

Achieve and remain compliant with LGPS administration. Letter Banding which includes the creation of required letters for each member of staff in the LGPS scheme.

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Pensions Auto-Enrolment Service

Expert guidance and support throughout the auto-enrolment process and full access for employees to monitor and generate reports themselves at a time that suits them.

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Statutory & Enhanced Reporting

Remain compliant with National Fraud Initiative (NFI) reporting that saves time on administration, plus salary statements that meet requirements for annual Teaching Salary Statements.

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