Statement from Capita – CTF Imports

Schools using SIMS affected by Common Transfer File import issues.

Users of SIMS have received notification of an issue discovered with Common Transfer File imports for new pupils, where matching information could result in information for separate students being combined. Following this discovery Capita have released the following statement.

Although only a small number of cases have been reported to our help desk, we understand that this is a major concern for many schools. Many thanks to our customers who are working with us to identify how we can resolve this issue.

If a school has imported a CTF for prospective pupils that included parents or other contacts with a name that matched exactly to a contact record already in the database, the applicant may have been linked incorrectly to this person and some data may have changed.

Please be assured that this is being investigated with the highest priority so that we can assist you in easily identifying whether this may have occurred in any schools.

Capita have now released a patch that adds check 99 to Tools | System Diagnostics | Database Diagnostics to identify definite and likely problems with a school's contacts and contact's addresses that are likely to have been caused by the contact/address bug.

Strictly Education’s SIMS Support Team strongly suggests schools do not to use any third-party products/Parent App/email or text messaging services that use SIMS student or contact information, until the patch has been applied and identified if your school’s information has been affected.

SIMS Support customers are urged to contact the team with any concerns regarding CTF imports on 0330 123 2544 option 1.

Find out more about Strictly Education’s SIMS Support service.

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