Changes to teachers pay and conditions

There have been numerous changes to school teachers pay and conditions in 2014. A brief resume of some of the key changes have been highlighted here.

Changes to teachers pay and conditions
  • Increase in Salary ranges of 1%.
  • Leadership scale is now a salary range rather than points
  • Governors will need to agree the rate of increase for any teacher on the leadership scale once performance management has taken place.

For all new appointments from 1st September 2014

  • Deputy Head teachers and Assistant Head teachers salary ranges can now cross over the range of the Headteacherin exceptional circumstances
  • Head teachers can be rewarded up to 25% on their salary range to push their range up.
  • In some circumstances temporary payments can be rewarded to Head teachers for temporary duties.
  • Head teachers, Deputy Head teachers and Assistant Head teachers can no longer be rewarded Recruitment and retention Incentives and benefits under paragraph 27.  All recruitment and retention in relation to leadership members, including non-monetary benefits now have to be taken into account when determining the pay range.
  • No longer has to be £1500 differential between TLR payments

Please also remember:

  • Pay progression for teacher is now performance related and no longer automatic.
  • Movement between the main and upper scale must be managed in line with the policy you have adopted.
  • As long as you have included it as part of your pay policy when recruiting you no longer need to honour the salary scale that the member of staff is on and can advertise the rate for the position.
  • Teachers should still receive a letter confirming their pay, allowances, safeguarding etc. at the earliest opportunity after the review but as a minimum within a month of the determination.
  • Our example pay policy is now available on our website.

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