Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation

Requests from schools for one-off job evaluations are increasing. Schools need to be careful that job evaluation is not used to justify a salary increase for an individual post holder. This is because there is a real risk that this will distort the internal relativities (for remuneration) between posts in a school and could greatly increase the risk of a successful equal pay claim against the school. 

The purpose of job evaluation is to ensure equal pay for work of equal value, and its purpose is to ensure that the ranking of remuneration for posts (from highest to lowest paid) fairly and objectively reflects job value (as assessed against a consistent set of factors that are free from gender (and similar) bias. The costs to the employer of getting this wrong (e.g. by artificially inflating the content of a job to boost a salary) can be very substantial and damage the reputation of an employer. 

To learn more about job evaluation please go to the following link: CLICK HERE 

To understand how job evaluation fits into the wider context of benchmarking pay read the following guide: CLICK HERE

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