New Absence Data Capture Screen

At Strictly Education we understand that unpredicted staff absence is the main cause of school or academy budget overspend. It also puts additional strain on those left behind to cover, which in turn has a negative impact on pupil outcomes.

New Absence Management Tool – Coming Soon!

We are committed to helping our schools and academies cut the cost of staff absence and have developed an innovative new Absence Management Tool on the Payroll/HR Portal where you can view and analyse individual staff absence data in greater depth, allowing the absence and associated costs to be controlled within the school or academy.

The Absence Management Tool has been developed in accordance with our clients demands and is planned to be launched to our client base in November 2015.

By utilising the Strictly Education full Absence Management Tool you will gain the following elements:

  • Heat map showing days lost in 12 months through absence for an individual.
  • Event chart showing absence by reason, for an individual or across the school.
  • Individual Bradford Factor scoring.
  • All data and reports downloadable to Excel.

New Absence Data Capture Screen

In preparation for the Absence Management Tool launch, we have now removed the previous Staff Absence Form within the Data Capture tab in the Portal. The recording of absence has been moved to the new Absence tab. Here the Absence Management Tool will also be held for those clients wishing to utilise this new service enhancement.

Please note that you will of course be able to view all entered absence data and produce reporting for audit purposes as at present, even if you do not purchase the full Absence Management Tool, as we fully appreciate this information is needed for payroll purposes.

We hope the above provides clarity around the reasons for changing how absence is currently recorded within the Portal and the next service enhancements that will be available to all of our clients.

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