With the continual changes to pension legislation in both Local Government and Teachers' Pensions, we continue to develop and improve our pension reporting to ensure that we capture as much information as possible for our clients.

We have been working hard on developing our systems to provide our Academies with the reporting to be uploaded directly into the STU system, removing the need for this information to be manually entered. In addition, we provide all clients with copies of the pension forms we have forwarded to their pension administration on their behalf each month, so they can see exactly what we have produced.

We are delighted to announce that later this week we will be providing all clients with access to view the Starter, Leaver and Change forms for Local Government pension reporting.  In addition, we will be producing the Teachers TR6 – Starter forms and TR8 – Leaver forms.

This information will be populated in to a report available in the ‘Your Area’ section of the Payroll Portal (the same place as your Payroll Analysis). The files will be uploaded by the 15th of the month.  Please note that the TP reports will be in a format to enable our Academy clients to load the information direct into the TP STU system, removing the need for this to be keyed.

For those clients who require a TP Payslip (Academies), we are currently working on providing these to you via the portal, removing the need to email this to you each month. We will update you accordingly when this piece of work has been completed.

We hope you will agree that this is a great addition to the service, resulting in us now being able to provide all relevant pension reporting that you would need. Strictly Education is one of a small number of providers that complete all pension reporting for their clients, as part of their standard service at no additional cost. 


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