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How to improve the efficiency of your HR, payroll and pensions processes through automation

2nd December 2022


How to improve the efficiency of your HR, payroll and pensions processes through automation

Automating processes involves a reduction in manual processes which ultimately saves you time.

Academies and schools can automate their processes by implementing a software that is education specific and meets specific needs. Here’s what you should be considering…

Minimise duplicate data entry

You can minimise risks and errors by implementing a software whereby employee information only needs to be created or updated in the single central record once. This data should automatically feed into the Payroll and HR record to minimise duplicate data entry across multiple systems.

Reduce time spent on generating contracts and reports

A software that generates full contracts and letters a click of a button which can be easily amended will save you and your team copious amounts of time. Consider a software which gives you access to a bank of templates and a full range of accurate and downloadable reports based on real-time data.

Give employees more control over simple tasks

To reduce excess admin for your managers, choose a software which has an employee self-service facility whereby employees can take more control with viewing and updating their own information. This function should notify the authorising manager of any changes, and be automatically applied to HR and Payroll functions. By sharing the workload, People, HR and Finance staff can focus on strategic management and continuous improvement, rather than being burdened with overwhelming amounts of manual admin tasks.

Integration with your software

By implementing a software that integrates with your other school systems including MIS, finance software and budgeting tools, means that you can link your existing systems without having to duplicate data entry or work in isolation.

Reduce manual data analysis

Manually gathering data sources and analysing this data to form insights takes up valuable time and effort. You will make further time savings by introducing a software which provides you with relevant employee insights at the click of a button and a dashboard feature that shows you insights at a glance. With a customisable insight tool which links directly to employee records, you can analyse real-time data quickly and easily navigate to other areas of the platform to seek deeper understanding, access employee records and action tasks effortlessly.


EduPeople is an HR, payroll and pensions software specifically designed for the education sector, with academy trusts and schools in mind.

Helping expanding MATs to safely scale and grow, EduPeople gives you visibility over the people in your academy trust. EduPeople automates processes reducing excess administration, and provides real-time strategic insights to inform decision making, taking the pressure off back-office staff, ultimately saving you time and money.

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