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Investing in Employee Growth and Success

11th April 2024


Investing in Employee Growth and Success

Schools and academy trusts succeed on the foundation of its people - teachers, support staff, and back-office personnel.

These individuals are essential to nurturing future generations, requiring continuous growth and development to excel in their roles. Investing in employee growth is not just a strategic asset but a necessity. This blog delves into the benefits of investing in employee growth and success, their link to retention, and the role of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in facilitating a comprehensive view of learning and development opportunities.

    Three Benefits of Investing in Employee Growth

    1. Enhanced Skillsets and Knowledge 
      Investing in the professional development of staff broadens their skillsets and widens their knowledge base. This is key for adapting to new teaching methodologies, technological advancements, and education policies, ensuring that the quality of education remains high and relevant.

    2. Increased Employee Satisfaction and Morale
      Employees who receive opportunities for growth and development tend to show higher levels of job satisfaction and morale. In the education sector, where the emotional and intellectual investment of staff directly impacts pupil outcomes, this satisfaction is invaluable.

    3. Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement
      A commitment to employee development embeds a culture of continuous improvement within schools and academy trusts. This culture not only improves the standards of teaching and administrative support but also encourages innovation and a forward-thinking mindset among staff.

    The Link to Retention

    The benefits of investing in employee growth influence staff retention significantly. In the education sector, where consistency and continuity are key to pupil outcomes, retaining skilled and motivated staff is critical.

    Job satisfaction, supported by professional development opportunities, act as a powerful retention tool. Employees are more likely to stay with a school that invests in their career growth and recognises their value as individuals.

    High turnover rates in schools and academy trusts can lead to increased recruitment costs and disruptions in pupil learning. By investing in employee growth, schools and academies can reduce these turnover costs and maintain a stable, experienced workforce.

    HRIS Systems and Personal Learning Accounts

    To effectively manage and track employee development, many establishments are turning to Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). These systems offer employees a full view of both informal and formal learning, training, and development opportunities through a personal learning account.

    HRIS systems allow for the management of a wide range of learning activities, from in-house training sessions to external workshops and online courses. This comprehensive approach ensures that all staff have access to development opportunities that align with their personal and professional goals.

    A standout feature of advanced HRIS platforms is the ability to conduct online pre and post-event learning evaluations. EduPeople, for example, offers configurable evaluations that measure the effectiveness of employee learning. This functionality allows educational institutions to tailor evaluation criteria to specific learning objectives and developmental needs.

    Through enhanced skillsets, increased job satisfaction, and improved retention rates, schools and academies can create a motivated, capable workforce. The implementation of HRIS systems, like EduPeople, further facilitates this investment by providing a structured, measurable approach to employee development.

    How Strictly Education can help…

    EduPeople's learning and development module provides employees with a full view of informal and formal learning, training and development through a personal learning account whilst enabling the linking of development plan actions directly to learning objectives. This ensures that employees' growth efforts are strategically aligned with both their individual career aspirations and the school or trust’s overarching goals. Organise an EduPeople discovery call or contact us by email to find out how it can help you.

    Get in touch on 0330 123 2549 or at we are happy to answer your questions.