Mobile Computing

If you haven’t started to use mobile computing, especially handheld devices like iPads, Windows 8 tablets or Android tablets, then this might be a good time to review your Technology provision.  

We know that schools and academies who adopted these technologies early on are now reaping the benefits to include:

  • Classroom dynamics able to change to allow teachers to become more mobile and reactive, moving away from the space in front of the whiteboard.
  • Technology is embedded within learning activities.
  • Access to information and creative tools are always at hand for pupils.
  • Creativity is encouraged through the use of multi-function devices that allow for a combination of tools to be used concurrently for a single learning outcome.
  • Engaging pupils through technology they are familiar with outside of school.
  • Wide range of learning content is available, that can engage and transform learning.
  • Targeted groups can be supported through the use of targeted and focused devices and applications, such as disaffected readers, EAL students, Gifted and Talented…
  • Access to online and app based material can be instant, reducing the impact of login times disrupting the pace of lessons.
  • Devices can be used to support ongoing formative and summative assessments and provide immediate evidence and reporting that can be invaluable to teachers and parents.
  • Single function devices such as e-readers and games machines have been used specifically to target a core group or developmental area such as boys reading, or mental math’s, often to great impact.

There are many considerations to discuss before you make mobile computing a core part of your Technology provision.  As customers you are entitled to a free meeting to discuss Mobile Computing.

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