Performance Related Pay (PRP)

From 1 September 2013, schools have been able to link teachers’ pay to performance. This follows recommendations from the independent School Teachers’ Review Body, which called on the government to link teachers’ pay more closely to their performance.

By September 2014, every school should have revised its pay and appraisal policies setting out how pay progression will in future be linked to a teacher’s performance. The first performance-linked pay increases will be made from September 2014.

To allow you to advise your payroll officer of the changes required to the payroll in relation to PRP we will be adding a download button to the payroll portal. This will provide you with a file listing all staff members and their current contractual elements. Additional columns will be provided to allow multiple changes to be submitted to us removing the need to complete numerous contractual variations. We would request that you download the file, make the necessary amendments to the file and email the file to your payroll officer for processing.

An update will be provided once the new download option is available.

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