Strictly Education's Fire Risk Assessment Service

The 1997 Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations (amended 1999 & 2003) and 2005 Regulatory Reform (fire safety), requires employers to carry out a fire based risk assessment of all workplaces under their control. Any existing fire risk assessment should be reviewed if and when things change or at least annually to comply with recognised best practice.

Strictly Education’s fire risk assessment service determines the risk from fire to employees, pupils, contractors and visitors on the premises and identifies the measures that should be implemented to control those risks.

Your local fire service has the duty to enforce these regulations and this risk assessment can form the basis of any future inspection of your workplace, including any application for a Public Entertainment or Premises License.

Areas covered

Strictly Education will provide an experienced property manager who will spend time on site to undertake a thorough fire risk assessment. 

The assessment will concentrate on the following areas:

  • Fire evacuation routes and signage.
  • First aid fire equipment including fixings and signage
  • Fire alarm - raising the alarm and records of test
  • Emergency lighting, records of test and operation
  • ‘Occupier’ fire safety checks and records.
  • Fire evacuation – procedures and records of evacuation and assembly
  • Fire exits – obstructions and operation
  • Storage and hazardous materials

Assessment Methodology

The methodology employed in order to complete the fire risk assessment will be based on the 5 Steps approach as promoted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Step 1 - Identify fire hazards
Step 2 - Decide who could be harmed
Step 3 - Evaluate the risks and recommend improvements
Step 4 - Record the findings and actions
Step 5 - Review and revise

Written Assessment Report

Upon completion of the fire risk assessment Strictly Education Property Support undertakes to produce a comprehensive written report identifying all significant findings and key observations. The report will also detail recommendations on areas where any necessary improvements can be made. These recommendations will be presented in order of priority and may be used as the basis for an action plan for future implementation.

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